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Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

Foosball is fun as it replicates the frenzy emotional quotient and design of an actual football game. We feel the same excitement as playing a serious football match right at our home or any other unlikely location. Playing Foosball can be challenging in the beginning, but once we start learning the game tactics it will soon become our favorite way to pass the time. One has to dedicate quality time to practice Foosball and eventually he or she can gain an expertise on it. You can start playing Foosball game on any local Foosball table when you are in the early stages of learning. However, the game demands a professional table which enhances the fun and challenges you.

There are wide-range of Foosball tables available on the market. There are only a few really good professional Foosball tables which you can buy without going beyond the budget. The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is one of the Foosball tables which has got everything to play a professional foosball game. It has got dozens of professional level features and the best part is it is not at all expensive! In this article, we are going to review the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. We'll explore the features in-depth and list out the pros and cons.

#1 Things You Should Consider When Selecting A Foosball Table

Before jumping right into the review of Warrior Professional Foosball Table, it's a good idea to dwell some time on things one should consider when selecting a Foosball table. The most important thing you need to consider is your plan. It's all about your idea of using it. If you want to spend some time with kids, then a small Foosball table with appealing colors is good enough. If you are an owner of a cafe or a business and you want your customers to spend more time at your place by placing a Foosball table, then you have to look out for a stable and strong table as it has to sustain a regular use. So, you have to be clear about your requirements before making a choice. Apart from that, you have to take the measurements of the area where you are planning to place the table. Foosball tables are available in all sizes. Pick the best one which fits the dimensions of your location. Look and feel factor cannot be ignored. It is recommended to choose the table with a design which drives you more towards the game.

#2 Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is the only table in its price range which is certified by USTSF and ITSF player organizations. It is a great combo of durability and the affordability. The top-notch quality ensures a solid game. Here are some of the features of the Warrior Professional Foosball Table.

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#3 Features

Flat Surface : The core purpose of a Foosball table is to replicate the actual football court. Warrior Professional Foosball Table has got the stripes and greenish feel just like the real-life football court. As it is flat, it retains the ball well. The edges are well-designed and provide great ease for the ball movement. There are black and red players arrangement and the bright stripes to separate the scoring area and the play area. There is a great precision in play due to the advanced ball control system.

Quality : The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is stable as well as durable as it is made with high-quality materials. The quality of the materials ensures a great game as well as safety. It weighs approximately 200lbs after assembling. The best part is it is highly affordable when compared to the prices of its competitors.

Simple Assembling : The problem with most of the Foosball tables is the complicated assembling process. It is simple and fast to assemble the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. It needs a single tool to assemble it completely. The tool is included in the package and it is simple to use it. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to assemble this table and start playing your first game on it. As the chrome rods resist warping and the bearings are placed into the table section, it is easy to reassemble the table.

Rod-Guard System : Rod-guard Systems in the Warrior Professional Foosball Table ensures that the kids and the other players remain secure and safe while playing a game. It ensures safety for both the players and spectators.

Maintenance Kit : Assembling part can be completed with just a single tool which is easy to use. The maintenance kit includes 1 black man, 1 extra red, silicone lubricant, 1 bearing wrench, 2 good-quality foosballs, and 1 pin pouch.

#4 Specifications

  • Materials Used – Steel, Manufacture wood, Laminate, and Plastic
  • Dimension – 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight- 200 pounds (Package weighs 215 pounds)
  • Recommended age by the manufacturer – 5 years and above
  • Warranty – 1 year

#5 Pro & Cons

  • Safety
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great grip
  • Durability
  • Great precision
  • Good Control
  • Counter-balanced men
  • Reasonably priced
  • Tacky balls
  • Bad instruction manual
  • Average return table

#6 Conclusion

Overall, Warrior Professional Foosball Table is for anyone who is seeking a great quality professional table at an affordable price. Despite its low price, the gameplay is really smooth and the table is sturdy enough. It is probably the cheapest Foosball table recognized by ITSF. But still, It can be easily compared to the likes of Tornado and Dynamo. It is a great table for both home and professional playing. It can sustain rugged play without any issues. Children can play safely on this Foosball table, thank the rod guards! The layout is well designed and the material quality is excellent.

The rod-guard system is great as it avoids the accidents. Its construction is perfect and delivers the accurate and active games. The technological advances from Warrior are excellent and it surely provides a competitive professional-grade gaming experience. With amazing features and benefits, this table is certainly among the top Foosball tables in the market today. If you are expecting a professional level Foosball gaming experience, you must consider this table for sure.

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