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Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table Review

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball TableIf you are new to being a foosball player or an enthusiast looking to invest in a foosball table, the Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table is the best to consider among many other options.

Today, the numbers of foosball table in the market are increasing from different brands to meet the need of every foosball player. The game can be played among two to four players with the goal to get the ball to the opponent goal post.


Are you not curious as to why we choose the sport squad fx40 40-inch compact mini tabletop foosball table above some others in the market? Our aim is not to sell the foosball table but to share with you comprehensive information you need to know about the game table as a result of research and reviews from experts who have a quality experience with the foosball table.


From its description, it is said to be a tabletop foosball which means it can easily be positioned on the table while you enjoy some foosballing when you get in the mood. You can choose to have some round of the game with your family after dinner before everyone goes to bed.

It is fun, intense and it helps families to get along quickly. Surprisingly some women love football but can’t go through the stress on the field which makes foosball a perfect way to satisfy their desire.  The fun and excitement you get from playing foosball are best experienced.

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Sport Squad FX40 40 inch Table Top...
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#3 The Makeup of the Foosball Table

  • ROD

The sport squad fx40 40-inch compact mini tabletop foosball table comes with sturdy chrome plated rod. The function of the rod is to effectively control the players by moving the ball from one to another until the desired goal is met.


The sturdy rod has ergonomic rubber handles that are designed for a firm grip. It helps to ensure your hand remains in good condition for as long as you keep playing. The manufacturer has the interest of players at heart which is why the foosball table comes with the padded handle.


The game system features dual ball returns on both sides along with two separate wooden goals for good performance. Since it is a tabletop foosball game, the manufacturers ensure that it comes with a protective foam cushion bottom on each leg to give adequate protection to the surfaces where the game board is placed to avoid damages.

The incorporation of the rubber pad on each leg makes it ideal for you to place the foosball table on any surface and enjoy the game without any concern for damages or scratches to the surfaces where the board is positioned.

  • SIZE

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball TableThe sport squad fx40 40-inch compact mini tabletop foosball table has a small size with the dimension of 40” x 20” x 8” which allow players to play the foosball anywhere. The Size of the foosball table makes it portable in which you choose to play it anywhere such as in your office, bedroom and even your kitchen.

It weighs about 15lbs, and that makes it easier for anyone to move from one place to another without hassles.


The foosball table incorporates dual coloured plastic players that have been strategically fixed on the rod to enhance precision and accuracy when passing the ball and shooting at the opponent goal post. The game features 18 players’ altogether.  The formation comprises of three-person defence, three-person middle players and three-person attacking players.


The sport squad fx40 40-inch compact mini tabletop foosball table is very easy to assemble with the quick 9 step method and the availability of the Allen wrench makes it easier to do for anyone without any assistance.

#4 Features

  • The game system has sliding scorers
  • The goal boxes on each side have convenient ball return system
  • The leg of the table has non-marking rubber pads to keep surfaces where the table is positioned intact without damages
  • It has chrome plated steel rods with rubber grooved handles for protection.
  • It comes with two soccer foosballs.

#5 Pro & Cons

  • It is lightweight and convenient to move from one place to another
  • It has portable and doesn’t consume space
  • It is cheaper than other options
  • It is ideal for kids and adults
  • It can be played anywhere
  • It is perfect for children than adults
  • The leg can break easily, so you have to be careful with its handling

#6 Specifications

  • Materials: Wood and steel
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Lifespan: 3 years
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Fabric content: Multi
  • Ross: Chrome plated steel
  • Dimension: 40” x 20” x 8”
  • Type: Recreational
  • Level: Beginners Age 6+/ adults
  • Arm rotation: Smooth
  • Ball control: Moderate
  • Ball Bounce: sometimes
  • Drop ramp: None
  • Made in: USA

#7 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It the foosball table ideal for kids?
A: From all observation, the foosball is designed for beginners who make it ideal for kids from age 6 and above. It will be more fun to compete with your kids while playing with the foosball table.

Q: How solid is the foosball table?
A: The foosball table is solid but has a setback which is the leg because it can get damaged if not handled carefully.

Q: Is the foosball table easy for storage?
A: Absolutely yes, the foosball table is lightweight and portable which means it can be carried anywhere and stored in a safe place when not in use

Q: Is this foosball table easy to assemble?
A: Yes, the foosball table is more comfortable to assemble with the availability of all the tools needed. All that is required is to follow the instruction on how to assemble it without hassles.

#8 Conclusion

With all the features of the sport squad fx40 40-inch compact mini tabletop foosball table, it is undoubtedly the best to consider if you are in the market for a tabletop foosball table for beginners and intermediate level players.

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