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Tips for Repairing Your Pool Table Lights

Tips for Repairing Your Pool Table Lights

Tips for Repairing Your Pool Table Lights

Pool table lights can go out in several ways. Bugs may short the circuitry, light bulbs may blow or you might have just sent a cue stick through the stained glass panel. Sometimes, the lights may just go crashing onto the pool table. Over the course of owning a pool table, you will have to go through a few rounds of pool table light repairs and will chalk up hefty sums if you hire a light specialist too frequently. Thus, learning how to repair your own pool table lights will be extremely useful. Follow these tips !

#1 Types of Problem You may Face

  • Blown light bulbs
  • Broken lamp shade
  • Circuitry problem

#1 Blown light bulbs

  1. Ensure that the new light bulbs you have bought are of the same type, power and size as the ones that have blown so that there will be no difference in hue and brightness and you can be assured that the bulb is compatible to the light fixture. Typical bulbs are either 60 or 100 watts.
  2. If you are using entirely new light bulbs, double check the ratings of the wire to ensure that it can handle the new voltage load you are going to place on it. Give yourself a large margin for error in your estimates as well.
  3. Remember to turn off the lights before proceeding to replace the blown light bulbs. To be safe, use a voltage detector to ensure there is no electrical flow to the light fixture before you begin repairing the lights.
  4. Try your best to clean the light fixture regularly. This not only reduces the risk of light bulbs spoiling but when it does spoil, repairing it will be easier since you have a clean environment to work in.
  5. Ensure that the glass panels are thoroughly cleaned so that light can shine through beautifully
  6. Avoid turning on the light while cleaning because the glass becomes very hot from usage
  7. Use a flashlight if you need extra lighting so that you don’t have to turn on the lights from the pool table lights themselves

#2 Fixing the Lamp Shade

  1. If your stained glass lampshade hurtles towards the ground, it is best to replace it by going back to the original manufacturer. The only way to fix it yourself is by purchasing the glass that matches the one used in the stained glass, owning a glass cutter and then tracing out the broken pieces before cutting out the pieces required. The process is really tedious.
  2. You should have super glue, drills, nails, screwdrivers, hooks and etc. on hand and have all the equipment required before reinstating the lighting fixture.
  3. Have a ruler at hand as well to help you hook the lights back at the correct height as well as to ensure that the light fixture is parallel to the table surface.

#3 Repairing the Circuitry

  1. Know what type of circuit the pool table light is configured in.
  2. Ensure you have identified the ground wire (usually the green or yellow one that is connected to a neutral grounding surface) and have connected it to a circuit breaker. This is to prevent the buildup of electricity that can be fatal.
  3. Remember to ensure that the size and gauge of the wire nuts are appropriate for the capacity of the wires being connected.

#2 Consult a Professional

And most importantly, if you have any doubts or uncertainty, always consult a professional.

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