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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Pool Table Lights with Ceiling Fan

Choosing Pool Table Lights with Ceiling Fan

Choosing Pool Table Lights with Ceiling Fan

Playing pool in the sweltering summer can get quite dreadful. Having your shirt cling to your back because of sweat and feeling too dizzy to aim accurately are all very unpleasant experiences. Having a ceiling fan attached to your pool table lights can solve these problems and allow you to play pool all year round, whenever you feel like it. However, this hybrid of pool table lights and a ceiling fan is not found commonly and many models out there are not very functional. Trying to cram two functions into the light fixture takes craftsmanship that most manufacturers lack.  Therefore, it is very important to test any model before parting with your money.

There aren’t many models of ceiling fan lights manufactured specifically for use at the pool table. One of the more reputable models is the Ram Gameroom Ceiling Fan Pool Table Light.

But if you are unable to get your hands on the Ram, you can also consider conventional ceiling fans with lights.

There are several considerations to take into account when selecting the most suitable pool table lights with ceiling fan.

#1 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Pool Table Lights with Fan

  • Noise
  • Stability
  • Remote control
  • Efficiency of the fan
  • Ease of installation
  • Size of the room

#1 Noise

People play pool to have a quiet time of relaxation, not to get irritated by the fan spinning over them. Test out the fan before making any hasty decisions. It should spin quietly and smoothly. It is hard to tell on the spot whether the fan will become noisy later when the lubricant loses its effect so it is best to go with more reputable brands.

#2 Stability

Lights with one ceiling fan tend to be more stable than those with two but this is not always the case. If there are customer reviews available, do check out if the fan continues to remain stable over a duration of time before making your purchase.

You should inspect the overall structure of the fixture to see if there is sufficient support for both the lights and the fans. When the fan spins, there should be no wobbling of any sorts.

#2 Remote control

Many conventional lights with ceiling fans can be turned on and off by pulling on the string hanging from the fan itself but that is not possible with a pool table directly below it. Therefore, it is important to choose those that can be operate with a remote control.

#3 Efficiency of the Fan

You should also test out if the fan is really able to circulate air efficiently. Sometimes, the lights can hinder the fan from adequately doing its job in keeping people in the room cool and well ventilated. You should also be able to adjust the fan speed on the remote control.

#4 Ease of Installation

Pool table lights with ceiling fans are more difficult to install. They are not only heavier and thus more difficult to hook up to the ceiling, you will also need to deal with the wiring for the fan on top of those for the lights. Many amateurs have difficulties dealing with the complex wiring so you may need to hire a professional to install the fixture for you.

#5 Size of the Room

To ensure there is adequate circulation, the ceiling fan blades need to be at least 24 inches from the walls so it is important to have done your measurements before selecting a suitable fan for the specific room.

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