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Checklist for Ordering Customized Pool Table Lights

Ordering Customized Pool Table Lights

Ordering Customized Pool Table Lights

Customized pool table lights are uniquely designed to not only evenly light your playing area but to add something extra to the decor of your media room or billiard room. If you have a customized pool table you cannot settle for a standard issue pool table light; you need something to match your one-of-a-kind table.

When you order customized pool table lights you need to have a clear idea of not just the type of lights but the design, your budget, a deadline, and the company from which you will choose. Once you have decided what you want you can start browsing companies to find one which manufactures your ideal pool table light. It can be daunting describing what you want for your customized pool table lights without actually considering some of these factors. So, if this is your first time ordering a custom-made lighting for your pool table, checkout the list of things that you should consider before making the order.

#1 5 Important Decision to Make before Ordering

#1 Deciding on the Type of Lighting

The first step is to decide on the type of lights you want. You may select from a 3-shade light, a 4-shade light, a 5-shade light, or a Tiffany light. The more shades you have on the light fixture, the longer it is and the more playing space it covers. The type you select is based in part on the size of your custom pool table. For smaller tables you will want a 3-shade light but for larger tables that are upwards of 6’’ by 12’’ you may need a 5-shade light or Tiffany light. For a clearer idea of what type and size suits your pool table, check out the chart that I have created.

#2: Deciding on Design

Once you have picked the size you must consider the design. The design includes the customized size of the light. Again, longer tables may require more space in between the shades. It also includes the color. The structure can be made from brass, chrome or wood. If you select a chrome structure you can have it covered with any color you desire to match your existing furniture. If you select wood you can opt for a cherry or oak finish to create a European style pool table. You can select polymer based lamp shades which will not overheat under the bulbs or you can opt for a stained glass shade that covers all of the lights.

You can have a special design, image, or logo placed on your custom pool table light. You can enjoy hand-crafted stained glass lights or uniquely designed metalwork. For instance, if you are looking for a light to place in a cabin-style game room you may opt for a solid wood pool table light or for a light structure which is made from dozens of brass leaves and branches.

#3: Deciding on Your Budget

You should of course consider your budget. You can find customized pool table lights to fit almost any budget depending on how many additional features you select. A glass tiffany shade that is customized will cost upwards of five hundred dollars while something that is 3-shades and a chrome bar will cost you a base average of two hundred dollars.

#4: Deciding on Dateline

You should set your dateline next. If you want a customized pool table light you need to be reasonable in the time table allotted for the creation and delivery of your light. If you want the lights to be delivered prior to an upcoming event, allot at least three weeks for the completion of the light structure and time enough for any changes.

#5: Deciding on Manufacturer

When you know what you want and what your budget is, the next and final step is finding a manufacturer or company that will produce it for you. You may find a company that fits almost all of your design requirements but one. If this is the case you can place your order or you can continue to shop for a third party company or designer who can. Before you place your order, be sure to check up on the company you may use by reading their customer reviews and looking through some of their past designs.

In conclusion, when you are looking for a custom pool table light, be sure to determine exactly what you want ahead of time and then thoroughly research your potential manufacturers before placing your order. By going through the checklist above, you will definitely have a pleasant experience ordering your customized pool table light.

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