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15 Most Unique Pool Table Lights in 2019

Most Unique Pool Tables Lights

Most Unique Pool Tables Lights

Most people would be willing to spend thousand over dollars on a quality pool table but sadly, these same people would cut and save on lighting fixtures for the very same pool tables. They may spend a couple thousands on a Olhausen pool table but opted for a cheap lighting. Hope you are not one of those people!

#1 Why is this Happening?

People, nowadays, are able to appreciate the workmanship on a pool table; from the intricate wood carving to the quality finishing of each table. Thus, the reason pool tables from established brands such as Olhausen, Brunswick and Mizerak are highly sort after and can demand a high price in the few thousand dollars range.

However, the very same people are not able to appreciate the work that has been put into designing and creating pool table lights especially a customized one. A custom made pool table light can take as long as 3 months for the whole building process which begins with planning, then designing, building and finally, installing plus wiring the pool table lights. A lot of thoughts and sweat are required to build a customized pool table lighting fixture. Therefore, we need to start to appreciate these work of art done by the lighting companies instead of treating light fixture as just lighting for our pool tables.

#2 Tribute to Works of Art

So as a form of tribute to the people/company that have put in countless man hours on building the perfect pool table lights, I have compiled 15 of the most unique and awesome pool table lights below:

#3 Appreciate Pool Table Lights like an Art !

From the compilation above, I’m sure you can understand why I strongly feel that pool table lights should not be considered as just lights but instead should be treated like art pieces. Every customized lighting fixture are designed specifically to match and complement a specific pool table and decor of the room. And every light are unique in its own way so hopefully, more and more people will start to appreciate and take pride in their pool table lights as much as their pool tables.

#4 Customizing Your Pool Table Lights

After this, if you are interested to have your pool table fixed with a custom made lighting fixture, do make sure that you know the proper pool table lights guideline and read my post on things to take note before ordering customized pool table lights! After you have read it and completed the checklist, then you are ready to order your very own pool table lights. If you are unsure exactly which website to order your lighting fixture, you will not go wrong starting with any 3 of my suggested websites.

Finally, I would like to invite you to share other unique pool table lights that you have came across by commenting below.

#5 Best Pool Tables Lights to Buy in 2019

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