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Kick Ambassador Foosball Table Review

KICK Foosball Table Ambassador Review

KICK Foosball Table Ambassador Review

The list of the best foosball table in the industry isn’t complete without mentioning KICK. There are different foosball table from KICK, but the kick Foosball Table Ambassador with the dimension of 55 inches in length is undoubtedly one of the best from the brand.

It is a classy foosball table with a pleasing design that can fit and compliment ant interior design of any room. You can choose to have it positioned in a game room or your outdoor play area. It isn’t a table that can be moved from one place to another as you might likely get it damaged by so doing.

With the KICK foosball table, you can play just like a professional as it is well equipped with fantastic features such as slick toes, thick side rails, counterbalanced players, side ball returns, adjustable legs and wooden handles. It has a thicker cabinet, and that enhances it to withstand aggressive gameplay.

The foosball table doesn’t have flamboyant features and decoration. It is simple in design but has all the essential features needed for you to enjoy the game. The field of the table has a smooth finish with blue and red counterbalanced players on each side.

#1 Who is the KICK Foosball Table Ambassador for?

The Kick foosball table is a solid game board that can withstand any rigor of the game. However, it has no restriction or limitation to those who can show their skills on the table as it is ideal for beginners and intermediate level players.

The game board is strategically arranged in such a way that it will be more competitive, tense and fun for anyone playing it.

#2 Kick Ambassador Foosball Table Review

Here is the perfect place for you to know what you seem not to know about the KICK Foosball Table Ambassador.

KICK Ambassador 55″ Foosball Table
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Counter Balanced and Uniformed Men
  • KICK Brand Quality

Design: The design of the Kick foosball table is alluring yet with its simple features. The sleek finish and the cabinets of the table are reliable enough to give you an extended lasting usage. One of the things Kick has at heart with customers that get their product is longevity, elegance, and satisfaction.

You will surely get all three in one products if you choose to have your own personal Kick foosball table. The appearance is captivating, and I doubt if you can resist the urge to play after you set your eyes on it.

Assemble : To assemble the table is easier to do if you can carefully follow the instruction given in the manual that comes with the package. The instruction is crystal clear as you don’t need anyone to explain to you. The setback with it is that some of the parts of the table are not labeled which could take a while to figure it out.

While installing or assembling the parts of the table, you must pay close attention to the way you set the plastic tube under the field. Whenever the ball gets into the post, it runs through this plastic tube to where you can quickly retrieve the ball.

If not positioned rightly, you might find it quite hard to retrieve the ball. And over time there has been confusion regarding if there is a goal or not whenever the ball bounces back at the goal post. But with the incorporation of cardboard at the goal post, you quickly get to know once the cardboard fall to the ground while the ball bounce back.

KICK Foosball Table AmbassadorRod : The rod that comes with KICK foosball table may be challenging for players to handle and that is because it is made of wood and not steel considering you might have to play for the longer duration. To move and do some other things might be quite difficult most especially if you have been too familiar with steel rods.

Handles : The handle of the table is also made of wood, and it tends to cause wrist pain or affect your palm. With the wood handle, it might become a challenge for beginners to handle, but most advanced players will find their way around the handle.

Players : The table comes with counterbalanced players with slick toes to kick the ball around till the desired goal is met. The players are positioned on the field with some in defense, middle, and attack.

Size : The Kick foosball table comes with the dimension of 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H. to enjoy the best of the game with the table; you have to play it in some spacious area that will accommodate each player.

#3  Features

  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Counter Balanced and Uniformed Men
  • KICK Brand Quality
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H

#4 Specification

  • Sturdy 5″ Leg Levelers
  • It comes with 1/2″ thick Playing Field
  • The Ball Return on Each End
  • Slide Scoring On Each End
  • The player structure include 1-Goalie or 3-Goalie Design (Ramp Kit Included)
  • 13 Red and 13 Blue Counterbalanced Men & Set of 26 Uniformed Men
  • It comes with 2 KICK Premier and 2 Soccer Foosballs
  • It has 8 Non-slip Wooden Handles with Screws
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • It has Free Rod Lubricant, but you have to request for it.
KICK Ambassador 55″ Foosball Table
Extremely Durable and Elegant; Counter Balanced and Uniformed Men; KICK Brand Quality; Lifetime Warrany

#5 Pro & Cons

  • It is durable
  • It has a smooth field finish
  • It has strong and stable legs
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Ball returns on the end of the table

#6 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the KICK foosball table come assembled?
A: The table doesn’t come assembled as you have to do that yourself. It comes with all the accessories or tools needed to do that. To assemble is easier to do if you can follow the instruction in the manual.

Q: How much does the table weigh?
A: The KICK foosball ambassador weighs 151 pounds.

#7 Conclusion

If you need to know more about the Kick Foosball Table Ambassador, you need to read our unbiased KICK foosball table review. We’ve been able to come up with the best information you need before selecting any product in the market. KICK foosball ambassador is one of the best you should never overlook if indeed you want to take your skills and game style to a higher level.

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