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How to Play Small Human Foosball – A Brief Guide

Human Foosball

Human Foosball

Human Foosball is an exciting game and it is gaining immense popularity throughout the world. Human Foosball game is being played during family outings or friends gatherings or anywhere it is necessary to build team spirit. Human Foosball games turn into memorable events very easily. We will have numerous memorable moments while playing the super-fast-paced foosball game, whether it is in our home garden or a bar or in our buddy’s basement. For the beginners who are not at all aware of what foosball table is, a foosball table is a playing table which just looks like a tiny soccer field but with walls around it. There will be small men on the table who are the players. We use rotating rods to hit or kick the tiny ball into the goal. We have different tables with varied Foosball dimensions in the market.

There are brands like Sportcraft Foosball Table, Halex foosball table and many more. You can either get a cheap foosball table or a used foosball table which fits perfectly in your tight budget. Human Foosball game is a real-time game which runs on the principles of a foosball table. In this article, we will explore what is human foosball and it rules. You will also see how to play human foosball and what are the types of it and more. Let’s dive in without any further delay.

#1 What is Human Foosball?

Human Foosball is a sport which is played in an area just like a hockey court or may be smaller enclosed by a fence. Players put their hands on the tube so that they can slide from left to right and right to left like the men on the foosball table. They must kick the ball towards the goal just like in a soccer game. Human Foosball game is generally played between two teams with 6 players each. It is a game fully packed with action and excitement. It is a new trend and its slowly catching up across all parts of the world.

Human Foosball is basically a life-size remake of a Foosball game. You and your friends live the classic foosball game and you need to kick the ball towards the goal. As foosball has got immense craze among the kids and adults, people are showing tremendous interest in playing the human foosball game in all parts of the world. Till the moment, only a few matches were conducted and according to reports human foosball game is an exciting sport with lots of action and fun.

The recommended dimensions of the field for human foosball game are 32 feet length and 16 feet wide. The players i.e humans have to hold the rods in their positions. Though the number of people who can play the game may vary, it is recommended to play with 6 members in each team.

For a quick and fun game, you can start with 12 people and go up to maximum 14.

#2 How to Play Human Foosball?

The rules for the game must be discussed prior to the game. The game rules can be varied depending on the teams. However, it is better to play the game with 10-14 players on the human foosball field. All of them must be notified with the standard foosball rules for scoring and kicking. If they don’t know anything about standard foosball ask them to refer any guide on foosball table for beginners. In case if the ball is knocked out, it must be put back into the field. This also applies for knocking the ball out of goals. The players must hold the rod or pipe for the entire gaming session. Of course, they can swap themselves between resets and goals. The players can only move in the area around the rods which they hold. Marking on the ground with chalk may help.

#3 What’s the Perfect Time to Play Human Foosball?

Human foosball is a large team game. You need a large group of people who are physically energetic to be able to get the most out of the human foosball game. You can bring all your friends and family members to get into human foosball experience. You can accommodate up to 14 or 16 people easily. You can play it in bachelor parties, during team building at your office, birthday parties, costume parties etc.

#4 What types of human foosball games exist?

Basically, there are three ways to play human foosball. 1. Unenclosed field. 2. Custom built the field. 3. Rental

The first way, the unenclosed game is the simplest human foosball version. You need to set up the cones for gals and pipes for the players to hold. There will not be any boundaries. You can use wooden pallets or anything you can get from a hardware store.

The second one is a game in the custom built field. It entirely depends on you. You can use the wood or cardboard or nets for enclosing the field. It all depends on your budget on what you use for pipes etc. You can be creative and control your spendings.

The third way is renting an inflatable field. There are many human foosball fields which are available for rent. It is probably the easiest option provided if you have the budget to pay the rent. You can share the rent with the remaining players. Though it is a bit costly, it is the most comfortable option to play human foosball.

#5 Wrapping up

Human Foosball game has got all the possibilities and potential to become a world-dominant sport one day. It is super addicting and you can enjoy it in summers, on the ice, uphill or winters etc. We hope our brief guide on human foosball helped you to build an understanding of this extraordinary game. It’s easy, addicting and fun. There are very few games which can engage so many people throughout the session. Share with us about your experience with human foosball game. We would always love to hear feedback from our readers!

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