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How To Set Up A Pool Table? – A Complete Guide

How to Set Up Pool Table

How to Set Up Pool Table

A pool bench is a billiard table in which we can play sports. We may see pool tables in the stadiums or any sports place. We can also arrange the pool bench in our house by following some steps. Assembling a pool bench is not difficult it just takes 2-3 hours for an average person to set it up. Well, without late let us get started on how to prepare a pool table. The cost of the pool table depends on its dimensions, length and width dimensions. Do browse and opt for the best one which is suitable for you.

To create any product we need tools, similarly to set up a pool table we need some tools such as Socket Wrench, Screw Driver, Beeswax, Propane blowtorch, Paint scraper, Leveler, and Billiard Cloth.

#1 How To Set Up A Pool Table

#1 Determine Spacing:

The first thing to consider while assembling a pool board is the space. The room should be as free as possible so that the player can shot from all sides comfortably. The below table gives us the dimensions of the standard pool table size:

These standard pool bench dimensions are only for a standard 58″2 piece cue which has 58 inches in length. The room size needed for the pool table is the length of the pool table plus the twice the length of the cue and the width of the pool table.

Let us understand this by considering an example:

Consider you have a room with an area of 16 feet 8 inches by 14 feet which is 200 inches long and 168 inches wide. The length of the cue is 58 inches or 116 inches, so the room length is 200-116=84 inches. The width of the room is 168 inches minus 116 inches which is 52 inches.

#2 Packing Should Be Measured:

To know more about the pool board one about its measurement. The measurement of the pool board should start from the inside part of the playing area. The reason is that the manufacturer equips boards with different length and width. The length of the pool bench is twice the width if it does not then do contact the manufacturer.

#3 Attaching Legs:

Mark the place of the pool table and place the cabinet upside-down on the spot. Attach the side panels and end panels according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Tighten all nuts with a socket wrench, and check if any leg-mounting brackets are necessary for the corners of the table. Measure the open space next to the center tile and make sure that they are even. The frame of the pool table should not be empty. After placing tiles use the leveler to make sure they are in the level. You may also insert shims underneath the tiles to raise or lower them.

#4 Felting the Table:

Use a billiard cloth on the top. Cut holes in the slate panels for the bolt, and align the pockets and rails on the boards. After leveling the bench verify the level and make sure that there are no damages.

#5 Cleaning Pool Table

Every instrument or a machine gets dusty as we use more. Cleaning a pool board is not an easy task, and few steps are followed to do it. They are as follows

Do not use any types of clothes or brushes to clean the pool board. Use only brushes made by pool board which has soft bristles. Brush the board automatically, at least a week. We can find brushes at supply stores, and some big stores such as Target or Wal-Mart. It costs around $10-$20.

To maintain cleanliness we have to buy a pool board cover and close it when you are not using.

#2 How To Move Pool Bench By Yourself ?

Most of us often go to trips, picnics, and for vacations with our friends and may feel bored.

If you desire to carry a pool table to the place you have to first dismantle the table by following few steps:

  • Remove the corner pockets of the pool bench with the help of the bolts.
  • Felt should be removed carefully with the help of a staple puller.
  • Remove the felt and place it in the vehicle make sure that it is not damaged.
  • After taking it to the desired place next step is to follow the measurement rules and
    after that follow the same procedure.

In this way, we can change the position of a pool board from one place to another.

#3 Some Additional Important Tips

After designing the pool table, we have to arrange the balls in the way which we desire to play and have fun. Most of the people wish to play games outside, but we may not be able to carry a pool table at every place. With the outdoor play bench, we can play as many games as possible with all our buddies and relatives. We can buy this pool table in shopping centers or online which has extra features and is cost-effective but after reading Outdoor Pool Table Reviews.

But at the time of picking best pool table the most important part of the top picks of best pool tables 2019 is the Ceiling Fan and bench Lights that you can find from the Best Pool Table Lights with Ceiling Fan Reviews. These are available in several shopping centers as well as online. The more attractive and bright they are the more effectively a player can concentrate on the game. So, they should be cost-effective.

The top five best brands of Pool bench are Olhausen Hunginton Pool bench, Brunswick Bridgeport Pool bench, Connelly Billiards Catalina Pool bench, Imperial Pool bench, and Mizerak Donovan Pool bench and are used mostly in America. In the pool bench, we can play games such as Foul Shots, Golf Billiards, Golf Pool Equipment, Special Snooker Rules, and Golf Pool Scoring. While buying a pool bench quality, pockets, warranty, pockets and so on are the important factors to see.

#4 Conclusion

I hope that you all have an idea about the pool table and steps to be followed to set up the pool table. If you still have any doubts or confusion then use the comment box to contact us.

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