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How to Move Pool Table by Yourself?

How to Move Pool Table

How to Move Pool Table

If you by any chance own a pool table at home, you ought to see yourself as fortunate. It’s merely so energizing to have the opportunity to play a decent session of pocket billiards, at whatever point you feel like it and as much as you need.

However, you will without a doubt not feel excessively energized if conditions drive you, making it impossible to move to another home. At that point, the simple idea of dissembling your pool table with you will presumably strike the fear in your pure heart – anxiety about the prosperity of your costly ownership, and dread about the measure of cost to move the pool table.

Consequently, moving a pool table across the room or a short distance is a dubious business for various logical reasons. Additionally, it tends to be reasonably hazardous both for the table itself and can be expensive too.

It isn’t essential of what you look like at it, and pool table moves to start with one home then onto the next is unquestionably not an easy thing to do. To enable you to ascend to the best way to run a pool table, we have arranged some great tips for running a pool table. Here we go:

#1 What is the Expense of moving a Pool Table?

Hope to pay somewhere close to $400 and $600 if you choose to disassemble your pool table, transported, packed and restore by experienced movers who represent considerable authority in pool table moves. The correct cost to move table will be founded on a couple of variable components, for example,

Type and Capacity: You should know the space you need for a pool table before the move. Slate and Disassembling Your Pool Table generally come in 7 ft., eight ft., and 9 ft. Length variants. Follow the client manual in case you don’t know about the span of your table, or take an estimating tape and see with your own eyes.

Weight: The weight may vary upon the correct size and model. A slate top pool table can weigh somewhere in the range of 650 and 1,000 pounds. Their influence is fundamentally dictated by their size and accurately, what number of every slate weighs between 150lbs to 250 lbs, and most of the pool tables have 3 of them. Thus, the room you need for a pool table should be a comfortable zone estimating 16 feet 8 inches by 14 feet.

Distance: The overall distance to your new home is the primary consideration that will decide the general cost move your pool table.

However, if you by any chance figure your moving budget plan won’t endure proficient moving assistance and you’re 100% positive that your moving pool table across the room or short distance must advance toward your new living arrangement, at that point you’re just left with one great choice in light of the current situation – to move your pool table all by yourself.

#2 How to move a Pool Table by Yourself?

Presently, before we talk about the detailed steps of moving a pool table independently by yourself, how about we call attention to that you should endeavor a self-move in case you’re walking pool table across the room or a short distance. Pool table moves inside a room or to another place in a similar house is additionally a decent alternative to experiment with your moving abilities with the assistance of a couple of companions.

#3 How to move a Slate Pool Table? Rather Best Way to Move Pool Table

  • Reach to 4-5 dependable companions of yours and don’t begin any pool table move techniques until the point when they are all there close by.
  • Get hold of a staple remover, an arrangement of screwdrivers, an attachment torque, a power penetrate, moving covers, bubble wrap, and pressing tape to understand the Cost to Move Pool Table.
  • If you keep the manual book of your pool table, utilize it to move a pool table upstairs securely with its fundamental components. If not, read on.
  • Take down the six ball pockets by either discard the staples that hold the pockets or unscrewing the mechanism that keeps them in handy.
  • Delicately slide each rail outwards until the point that it is free from the table structure and case it with thick moving covers.
  • The tricky part of moving pool table across the room or a short distance by you is to dismantle the costly slates. Slates are generally screwed down, so utilize a power bore to demolish them one by one. So gradually lift them and place it right into the protective shield covers.
  • Now turn the table upside down, and dismantle the legs one by one.
  • Load and Stack the wrapped up components of your disassembled pool table into the moving vehicle securely. Make sure to keep the hefty slates secured consistently.
  • Once you’ve attained your new home, it’s again time to re-arrange your pool table. Firstly, place the hefty slates accordingly and safely. Then, re-install the mechanism with the help of the manual book. Lastly, ensure your schedule is completely leveled up and prepared for play.

Thus, the pool table moves require a great deal of exertion. But also, if you are moving the pool table across the room or a short distance, it will be most effectively achieved by a few good companions. Moving a pool table to another house or another area will require the assistance of others with right instruments and tolerance.

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