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Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Review

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table Review

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table Review

Soccer is one of the most popular and entertaining indoor games (can be played outside also) which is liked by elders, youngster as well as kids. It is a quite interesting and entertaining game that uses to make the vacation or holiday memorable. And Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is one of the popular soccer tables today. But today many companies are manufacturing soccer tables with various materials for providing extraordinary looks and features. As a result, all the soccer lovers are getting confused about Hathaway Playoff foosball table and others.

That is why we have shared Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Review after comparing the top ten soccer tables in the market on the basis of the materials, features, looks, durability, and others. So read the article to make a decision to buy the best soccer table. Let’s get started with the details of the product and its various aspects.

# About Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Today Hathaway is one of the most popular foosball table brands in America because of its best quality products manufactured by following the International Foosball Rules and Regulations. The fast-paced fun and thrilling options are sufficient to bring all the family members together and make the vacations memorable. The designers have designed the table so intelligently with screen printed graphics and soccer stadium design including crowds of fans so that the players can have a real gaming experience.

# Dimensions

The dimension of the Soccer table is 48.5 inches Long and 24 inches wide. The height of the table is 32 inches (approx.). The playing surface is 40 inches long and 22.75 inches wide.

# Features of Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Hathaway Soccer Table is equipped with so many features and attracting tools which are able to bring the best foosball gaming experience to the players. That is the reason that it has become so much popular among the soccer lovers. So the highlighting features of Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table are listed below.

# Highlighting Features:

  • Integrated Leg Levelers
  • The rods can be cleaned very easily.
  • Reinforced Legs with End Panel Supports.
  • The players of this foosball table are made of one kind of copolymer called ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) for durability.
  • Hathaway has provided Easy Grip Ergonomic Handles so that the players can respond very fast as well as can have a competitive mode.
  • The Chromium Plated Steel Rods are corrosion resistant. The rods are very hard which can resist up to extreme gaming excitements of the players.
  • The playing surface is covered with grass graphics and the surrounded with graphics of soccer stadium and fans.
  • Hathaway has configured 3 Goalies to increase the excitement of the game.
  • There is Abacus-Style Scoring System installed on the back side of both the goal posts to bring feelings of a real soccer game.

# Pros and Cons

Though Hathaway Playoff 48 inches foosball table is designed and manufactured with the look, gaming thrill, and durability kept in mind, it has many pros and cons also. The pros and cons are listed below.

# Pros:

  • The design of the foosball table has brought a classy look.
  • The smooth playing surface and its surroundings are specially designed which increase the entertainment level up to the mark.
  • The size and light weight have made the soccer table portable. Players can carry and set it anywhere with ease.
  • Being lightweight, the strong material of the soccer table makes it durable.
  • The setup of the soccer table is simpler than soccer tables made by other manufacturers.

When there are some advantages available, must be some disadvantages too. So the cons of the soccer table are mentioned below.

# Cons:

  • There are many players have said that sometimes the ball flies out of the playing surface. Though it is not a big deal in such exciting and entertaining game, it is put up as one of the cons.
  • And the second is the absence of leveler. The soccer table is well designed with adjustable legs, but there is no leveler installed to check the flatness of the surface of the table.

# Best Foosball Table

To focus on Hathaway Playoff soccer table review and to understand the exact situation, we have gone through the Best Foosball Tables Review also and compared the product with the top soccer table brands like the EA Sports Foosball Table, Carrom Signature Foosball Table, etc, which are also very popular in the market. And the comparison has been done on the basis of their features, designs, durability, portability, and other important aspects of soccer tables.

In case of Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Vs EA Sports Foosball Table Review, the result of the comparison between Hathaway Playoff and EA Sports are as follows.

Table Hathaway Playoff EA Sports
Materials Particle Board MDF/PVC/Aluminum
Board Thickness ¼” N/A
Counter Balanced Players No N/A
Dimensions 48″ x 24″ x 33″ 56″ L x 28.75″ w x 34.5″ H
Weight 49 lbs 92 lbs
Warranty 90 Days N/A
Composite Rating 4.5 4.4

The review shows that Hathaway Playoff is the winner in categories. It means it has durable materials, perfect dimensions for standard rooms, lightweight, and more composite ratings.

On the other hand, after focusing on Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Vs Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review, the information that has been found is as follows:

Table Hathaway Playoff Carrom Signature
Materials Particle Board MDF
Board Thickness ¼” 1”
Counter Balanced Players No Yes
Dimensions 48″ x 24″ x 33″ 55″ x 29″ x 36″
Weight 49 lbs 177 lbs
Warranty 90 Days 1 Year
Composite Rating 4.5 4.6

As the table of data shows, the material of the Hathaway Playoff has made the foosball table lightweight but durable. As a result, it has gained 4.5 composite ratings with less warranty period.

On the other hand, Carrom Signature is heavy and the dimension is comparatively less. Hence it has achieved 4 composite ratings and placed below on the list.

# Final Words

This is the outcome of Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Review. The review has shown Hathaway Playoff as the better option. Now make the decision to choose the perfect one and buy it.


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