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A Short Guide on Foosball Table Dimensions

Foosball Table Dimensions

Foosball Table Dimensions

Before you pick any foosball table first, it is necessary to take a look at a few things, and one of them is foosball table dimensions. That’s why we have prepared a short guide on foosball table dimensions for Foosball Table Brands. Do you have any idea of the size and square footage of your room or your bar or the basement where you want to set the foosball table? If no, then it is important and why it is so because as per the dimension you can find the best standalone or Portable Foosball Tables that fit at its bets in the respected place.

If you are trying to measure the foosball table, you have to think about the space that needed to play foosball also as insufficient space make the game boring. And I think you don’t want your dream come true foosball table into the boring stuff. Am I right?

At last, do not buy the table without the sufficient details and product information. And yes, the dimensions, as it needs the best fitted and suitable one. Just imagine, you buy a table and find that you can’t pull rod without even hitting a wall. Isn’t it strange? Yes, so first take a look at this guide and then go ahead.

#1 Foosball Table Dimensions

#1 Average Table Dimensions

Standard foosball table dimensions are of 2.5 feet W X 5 feet L. The regular table dimensions are 30 inches W X 56 inches L X 36 inches H. Remember, you need space for play om a table so add about 3.5 to 4 feet on each side of the table for comfortable gameplay. The other thing to remember is to measure the space that is of 10 feet W X 5 feet L to fit the table and friends both. So, if you find that the table you have selected is not fit on your desire place then look for other best foosball tables for money.

#2 Space Considerations

Have you ever think about the brand of the table you will buy? Have not look at the dimension of the table and ratings before purchasing it? If yes, then there is nothing to worry but if not then let me tell you that foosball tables come in all size and shapes. Even they are mainly of 4 types. They are made for home use to play in world cups that is smaller once to larger once. There are some further things you might have to think about, like end ball return set up on such as if the table has side ball return or an end ball return setup. It pushes the table closer to the wall. Also, people don’t have to collect the ball by reaching around the table.

#3 Foosball Dimensions By The Cabinet Size

Foosball table dimensions can vary from table to table with the side of walls of the cabinets. Professional large foosball tables are solid, and hence they are made with thick boards throughout the cabinet. The enlarge designs leads to better foosball ball control at the time of moving the ball between the men. It provides the cabinet with higher weight, durability, and strength. Other than the professionals are not that much thick or big.

#4 Smaller Dimensions

If you don’t have a large space or a big room, then you don’t have to buy a standard foosball table. The foosball table market also has small foosball tables, and we are sure that one of them may fulfill your needs perfectly. Another thing is the stand-alone Air Hockey Foosball Tables are not suitable for children. They are big and tall, so there are chances that kid may fall. Also to play the foosball, they have to climb on the table. Children can’t reach from one side to another side of the foosball table, and it makes difficult for them to play the game on it. It is recommended to buy kid’s foosball table to avoid any problem or accident. After all standard table is not the only way to enjoy the foosball.

#5 Foosball Table Dimensions As Per Player’s Skill

If you want the table for your kid or beginner, then buy the table top model. They are of smaller dimensions and made from the cheaper materials, like the plastic or practical boards. So when children broke it, it will not be as devastating. Also, these models are smaller, lighter and portable. You can easily put them under the bed or lower tables and easy to reach for kids. Smaller foosball table dimensions generally around 4 feet L X 2 feet W.

#2 Conclusion

It is all about a guide on foosball table dimension. We hope you like it. For other features to look for, check WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A FOOSBALL TABLE . In case of any queries and questions, you can also connect us using the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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