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How to Clean & Maintain Your Foosball Table ?

How to Clean Maintain Foosball Table

How to Clean Maintain Foosball Table

If you have a fantastic foosball table and you want to take care of it, then there is nothing wrong in it. After all, we have paid a high price for it, and hence it is but obvious that you want to look for the guide How to Clean & Maintain Your Foosball Table. You have to do almost all the common things that you do for maintaining other things. Here are the guidelines for foosball table maintenance and cleaning.

First, you have to find how often you use the table and make sure you clean it at least once a month if you are not using it or rarely suing it and if you are a regular player then clean it once in a week. It is said that you have a look at it to make sure it stays for a long time. If you notice that it’s starting to look rundown, you may want to consider cleaning it more often.

#1 How to Clean Foosball Table?

#1 Clean and take care of every Foosball Parts:

Start the cleaning with compressed air to remove all particles and dust from the corner. Make sure you blow air in each hole, corners, and cracks. It is good for the long life and appearance of the table. The main problem is that while playing, we keep food and drink with us and spill it on to the table and it is true especially for Small Foosball Tables for Kids. As a result, it stuck in the space where cloth can’t reach. So start with compressed air and follow the next step.

#2 Use Dry Cleaning Cloth

Take a soft cloth and wipe each part of the table including men and rod. It will free the surfaces from the spillage and debris, which is noticeable from naked eyes. Note that all the stains will not clean with a cloth. Clean the bottom part and legs with a dry cloth.

#3 Use Rubbing Alcohol

Take a soft and clean cloth and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Now wipe each part and each corner with the wet cloth, don’t worry as alcohol will evaporate quickly. Not only it cleans the table, but it also sanitizes your table so make sure you clean the table thoroughly. Rub the black marks of the ball hard but carefully. Otherwise, it can take hard rods or men.

#4 Foosball Silicone

At last on the rods use foosball silicone, as it makes the rods well working and smoother. It is designed explicitly for foosball tables, so it will not affect your game and will keep everything working well. Don't use WD-40 on the rods, as it makes the rod slippery and degrades them over time.

If your foosball balls are looking rough, then rubbing alcohol is best. After that, they look worse, put them in a sock and put it in a washing machine. The note to mark is don't dry them inside the machine, let them dry naturally with air.

#2 How To Maintain A Foosball Table?

Foosball tables are for indoor use only, so if you are set up it outside from home, office or anywhere it may reduce the lifespan of the table. Keep in mind that keep it at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Make sure you keep it at room temperature and keep it away from direct sun exposure as much as possible.

Check rods and meds regularly if you use the table daily. A poor game and bad passing can cause if the men are not properly aligned. It will also break splinter and mid-game. So, take care of the men.

Some Foosball Tables Covers are also useful to protect your foosball table especially if you are using it occasionally. Make sure you do not drag it while moving. Lift the table and put the anti-slip grips on the feet.

Do not move the table unnecessarily as it damages the table, especially it gets older. Keep your food away from the food and drink. Now, you know how to take care of the foosball table. But you have to follow the rules of the game, and once you master in the game, you will master in it. This game will not let you down. So start playing and take care of the table!

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