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  • Best Joola Table Tennis Table Review
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    TOP Best JOOLA Table Tennis Table Reviews

    #1 JOOLA Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table Review The JOOLA Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table is functional, made of top-quality materials, and designed with specific features that consumers will find useful and well-thought-of. It is among JOOLA’s bestselling entry-level indoor ping pong tables for recreational and advanced players alike. #1 Features #1 Table […] More

  • Table Tennis Table Buying Guide
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    Short Guide on Table Tennis Table Buying

    Finding the right ping pong table can be a tricky process. A lot of brands are available that offer different kinds of table tennis tables with varying features and different prices. Before you go out and buy any table, it is important to research and weigh some important features that your table should have. Below […] More

  • Table Tennis Facts
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    3 Table Tennis Facts that You Might not Know

    For those who don’t know, table tennis happens to be one of the most sought out games in the entire world. Believe it or not, there are table tennis championships held all around the world, and there are some really big prize pools. With that said, if you are wondering why this game isn’t as […] More