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  • How Much is a Pool Table
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    How Much is a Pool Table to Attain Quality Products

    Pool tables are of various types – indoor pool tables, outdoor pool tables and custom designed pool tables that comes in different lines, sizes, designs as well as prices. There are billiard table suppliers available at local retail shops or even stores online. However, the wholesale service providers are able to offer pool tables at absolutely reasonable costs. Such […] More

  • Full Size Pool Table Dimensions
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    Full Size Pool Table Dimensions: Things to Consider

    One of the most interesting aspects about pool tables that can be rather frustrating for many is the standard size of equipment. There are a lot of players that adjourn the 7-feet variety as for being a toy, some others may actually swear by the efficiency of game playing on 9-foot extended green table. Well, actually […] More

  • Measure Pool Table


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    How to Measure a Pool Table: Some Considerations

    There are many that can actually measure a room; however they’re rather confused when it comes to how to measure a pool table. In fact, the pool table size isn’t quite determined by the dimensions on the outside. Some of the models have a much wider, narrower, irregular shaped top rail that does not allow for […] More

  • Ordering Customized Pool Table Lights
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    Checklist for Ordering Customized Pool Table Lights

    Customized pool table lights are uniquely designed to not only evenly light your playing area but to add something extra to the decor of your media room or billiard room. If you have a customized pool table you cannot settle for a standard issue pool table light; you need something to match your one-of-a-kind table. […] More

  • Ways to Wire a Pool Table Light
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    Different Ways to Wire a Pool Table Light

    Pool table lighting serves two very specific purposes: it illuminates a tight area, and keeps focus on the table itself. As an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you may be looking to install your own light or even create your own light fixture. Before you get started, be sure you know how much voltage your home’s electrical system can handle, […] More

  • Tips for Repairing Your Pool Table Lights


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    Tips for Repairing Your Pool Table Lights

    Pool table lights can go out in several ways. Bugs may short the circuitry, light bulbs may blow or you might have just sent a cue stick through the stained glass panel. Sometimes, the lights may just go crashing onto the pool table. Over the course of owning a pool table, you will have to go […] More

  • Pool Table Light Stained Glass Lampshades
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    Pool Table Light Stained Glass Lampshades

    Stained glass lamps for pool table lighting can make any room cozy. They are key to achieving a vintage classic look at the pool table that many homeowners sought after. However, before choosing stained glass, you will need to consider several things like what style you want to achieve as well as the installation process. #1 Why […] More

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