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Best SportCraft Foosball Tables to Buy in 2019

Best Sportcraft Foosball Table Reviews


Best Sportcraft Foosball Table Reviews

When you take a look at the modern companies today, their office environment and the interiors, you will notice a lot of changes. Nowadays, the modern offices include break rooms, open concept, free coffee and surprisingly foosball tables too. Foosball tables act as a great accessory as it helps employees to hang out together at break time, they get the chance to get closer and this ultimately helps in building a team spirit. You must have heard names of several reputed brands like Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table, Warrior foosball table etc. similarly General Sportcraft Company is one that was founded in the year 1926 by Sophia Holdstein and Walter. They decided to start this company in the US when they came to visit their family in Europe and learned about the popularity of such backyard games like croquet and badminton. Today, the company Sportcraft produces different varieties of foosball tables designed for kids in furniture-style models and elegant models for adults. You will come across these products in almost every reputed store and online stores, from where you need to select as per your specification.

#1 Best SportCraft Foosball Tables Reviews 2019

#1 Sportcraft Glenwood 54″ Foosball Table

Organize a foosball competition in your office in the upcoming event by booking this 54 ” wood grain finish Glenwood Foosball Table designed for official competition. Constructed with sturdy MDF material and PVC laminate it includes 15.8mm steel player rods that feature a chrome finish. It offers you hours of excitement. The players match perfectly with the smooth green playing surface. You can keep track of the game with the help of the manual score tabulator. Even when placed on uneven floors, the adjustable leg levelers help you to set up easily. The set includes two soccer balls. The foosball table has a dimension of 54 in (L) x 29 in (W) x 34 in (H) and weighs approximately 79 lbs.

#2 Sportcraft 48″ Football Foosball Table Game

Get into the action with this rectangular shaped 48-inch Foosball Game table from the house of Sportscraft. Place it in your office break room or recreation room for unlimited fun. This foosball is a replicate of a gridiron football field that includes realistic players. It features football goal posts, metal rods, eight handles and soft kicking football that ensure non-stop fun. The manual scoring system lets you track the score easily and adds to the excitement. This game is suitable to be played by 2 to 8 players. The assembly manual helps in easy foosball setup. This 37 lbs foosball table has a dimension of 48″L x 24″W x 32″H.

#3 27″ Table Top Foosball Game

Add some fun to your monotonous lifestyle by getting this 27″ Table Top Foosball Table. It is a great sports item for enjoying some excitement even on the go. If you are in search of a portable and compact foosball table then it is one of the best mini small foosball tables you would come across.

You can store this table top foosball table conveniently when not in use. This two-team gaming portable table comes with legs. The tabletop includes a scoreboard and soccer balls. It is made of sturdy material and is suitable for both adults and kids. This foosball tabletop weighs around 8.9 pounds and its dimension is 27.5 x 14.2 x 3.3 inches. Being priced at $XX it is one of the most affordable options you can think of.

#2 Conclusion

It is true that sometimes the work environment needs to be improved and then a foosball table acts as a great solution. To get one, you can check any of the authentic online stores and purchase at a reasonable price. But in order to ensure that it lasts long, always protect foosball table with cover and keep enjoying it for years.

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