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TOP Best Foosball Coffee Tables to Buy in 2019

Best Foosball Coffee Tables Reviews

Best Foosball Coffee Tables Reviews

Playing foosball is basically an art that you will never get bored of. You can either choose to play it professionally or for fun. This is such a game that lets you spend some quality time with your family and friends and make your bonding stronger. Recently a new concept has come up i.e. foosball coffee table. As you can make out from the name, the product is a smart combination of a sleek coffee table and functionality of a foosball table in single furniture. Nowadays, most apartments are small in size, so if you opt for a foosball coffee table for your living room, then this 2 in 1 table will not occupy much space. Since it is not possible to make your own foosball table, therefore you can conveniently choose the right product from any of the reliable online stores as per your need.

#1 Difference between Normal Foosball Table & Foosball Coffee Tables

Practically, if you notice, there are quite a few major differences between a normal foosball table and a foosball coffee table. Few of the notable once are:

The size of a normal foosball table is quite big. It is usually 30” wide and 56” long. But a foosball coffee table is compact in size and it perfectly fits into the limited space in today’s apartments and easily blends with the interiors of your room.

The top of a foosball coffee table is covered with a tempered glass through which you can keep an eye while playing the game and there is no fear of losing the ball. But the normal foosball table is an open platform.

The stand-alone foosball tables are usually bulky and can’t be moved around the room easily whereas the foosball coffee tables are sleek and lightweight.

The stand-alone table is more expensive compared to the foosball coffee tables.

Many of the foosball coffee table with stools proves to be very convenient while playing but a stand-alone foosball table doesn’t include any stools.

An impressive foosball coffee table serves a 2-1 purpose of both a coffee table and a foosball table. It turns out to be the focal point of attraction of your guests; hence you need not make any separate investment on the gaming table. Whereas, a regular foosball table becomes an extra piece of furniture that only serves the purpose of gaming.

#2 Best Foosball Coffee Tables Reviews 2019

Last year you must have taken a look at the 2018 Top Ranking Foosball Table, but 365 days is a big time span wherein a lot more new products might have come up. So, here is a review on some of the latest products at which you can take a look:

#1 Steve Silver Cocktail Table with Foosball

Steve Silver Cocktail Table with Foosball

Add this dark walnut finish Steve Silver Cocktail Table with Foosball as part of your living space for that extra elegance. It not only serves as a cocktail table but as a foosball table too. The top of this chrome coated iron table with solid wood and veneer finish is made of tempered glass. It comes with five casters that add to its mobility. The table features six handles, an easy-to-retrieve ball return and a side entry port on each side. The table has tapered legs for added support and a bottom shelf for storage. The pack includes two foosballs. This foosball coffee table for sale is easy to assemble. The table has a dimension of 28 x 45 x 20 inches and weighs around 85 pounds.

#2 Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42″ Table

Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42" Table

Make this dark brown 42-inch foosball coffee table from the house of Barrington the center of attraction of your living room today. Barrington is known for not only its gaming products but also some of the exclusive furniture specially designed for your living room. It features 6 chrome-plated steel rods with hand grips and they include hand-painted players, traditional wood scoring bead and sturdy thick legs. This elegant piece of furniture is made of high-quality wood and has a 3/8″ thick heat treated tempered glass surface. The gap between the glass and the playing surface is sufficient enough to spin the players without hitting the glass. There are some foosball table cup holders that aid you in storing the beverages but in this model, you will find an extra storage space at the bottom which can serve this purpose. This fine quality foosball coffee table weighs around 46.3kg and has a dimension of 42″ X 28″ X 20″. Being priced at $XXX it is one of the best deals you could get.

#3 Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

If you are looking for a centerpiece for your living room which is something more than a coffee table then you should go for this mahogany colored Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table which doubles as a foosball game table. This beautiful piece of furniture is constructed of hardwood and portrays an elegant hand-carved detailing. The coffee table foosball is more suitable for classic and traditional living rooms. It features telescopic rods that include hand-painted red and blue teams which are controlled by 3 separate wooden octagonal handles from each side. When you push these telescopic rods don’t come out from the other side thus minimizing the chance of accidentally hitting your opponent. The players are distributed in a 3-man goalie configuration which is considered to be very user-friendly. The playfield of the table has inlaid wood veneers and adjustable leg levelers. The stainless steel ball return system makes it easier to play the game. The sleek tempered glass top not only enhances the overall look of the coffee table but also lets you place your drinks while playing. The wooden scoring beads placed at either end helps to maintain the score easily. This 47.63 x 28 x 20 in sized foosball table weighing around 75 pounds comes with a functional shelf below.

#4 Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table in Black

Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table in Black

Do your kids love playing foosball? Then order this classic piece of black colored 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table form the house of Berner that will fully serve your purpose. This full-functioning foosball combo game table is constructed of beautiful solid wood. It features telescopic rods that glide easily and the hand painted foosball players are controlled with octagonal solid wood handles. The stainless steel ball return ends give the table an authentic look and the hand-carved wooden detailing enhances the beauty. Its adjustable leg levelers let you enjoy a smooth gameplay. Like most other foosball coffee tables it features a sleek tempered glass top and a functional shelf beneath. The table needs to be assembled. The table has a dimension of 48″L x 26 1/2″W x 20″H and weighs around 75 pounds. The high-quality wood is made of along with the handcrafted accents justifies its price of $XXX.

#3 Conclusion

When it is about purchasing a foosball coffee table the quality plays a key role as it serves both functions at the same time. So, you should never settle for a cheap product which would ultimately turn into a burden. Not only from the usual online stores, but you can even check out the quality budget friendly foosball coffee table Costco or Big Lots foosball coffee table if they fascinate you. Well if you are in search of a vintage foosball table for sale, the online stores won’t disappoint you even then.

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