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Basic Rules of Pool Games – How to Play Pool

Basic Rules of Pool Games

Basic Rules of Pool Games

So, you see your friends playing pool and want to try it yourself? The rules might look tough but it really isn’t all that complicated. All it needs is a little practice and you will play like a pro in no time. However, you need to understand the rules properly before you play pool. The rules mentioned here apply to all the pool games except when specifically stated otherwise, as some games are played with different rules.

#1 Pool Table and Basic Rules

Basically, pool is played on a flat table which is usually covered by felt cloth. The table is bound with rubber cushions and players use cue sticks to strike the cue ball. This cue ball strikes the other balls and the basic objective of the game is to drive these balls into the holes or pockets.

These pockets are located on the boundaries on the table and these rules can vary depending on the game you play. However, every game requires balls to be targets but the requirements can vary.

#2 Responsibility of the Players

If you are entering into a tournament or any other event associated with pool, it is assumed that you know the rules of the game. Though such tournaments might offer general information, the player needs to be aware of all the rules before entering a competition. Ultimately, the player is responsible for his game.

#3 Basic Rules of Pool Games

#1 Lag

The lag is the first shot played to start the game. This very first shot determines the game and the player who wins a lag will choose who gets to shoot first. After the referee places the balls on the sides of the table, the players strike the balls at the same time. The idea is to strike the ball in such a way that it makes contact with the foot cushion, thus travelling close to the head cushion.

The lag shot has its own rules too. A player needs to win the first shot while abiding by all the rules. A lag shot is not counted if the ball crosses the long string and is driven off the table. Also it shouldn’t make contact with the foot cushion more than once it’s supposed to. Apart from that, it can’t touch the side cushions either.  During the lag shot, non-object ball fouls are not allowed too.

If a player strikes the ball after the other ball touches the foot cushion, the players can play the lag shot again. In some cases, the referee can’t determine the ball closest to the head cushion and the players can play for the lag shot again in such conditions. If both the lag shots can’t be counted, the lag shot can be played again.

#4 How are the Payers supposed to use the Equipment?

In any game, the equipment used by the players matter a lot. The goal is to make sure that one player doesn’t get an unfair advantage over another player. Thus, these rules apply to pool too. Players are not allowed to use novel equipment. In addition, the equipment used by the players must meet the specifications.

If any player is not sure about the equipment used, he can discuss it with the officials who have organized a certain event or tournament. However, this should be done before the game starts. It is a player’s responsibility to use the right equipment while playing.

In addition to that, the player must use the equipment only for the purpose of playing. If used inappropriately, the player can be suspended.

#6 Here are Some Rules Pertaining to the Equipment used:

#1 Chalk

The players can apply chalks to the tips of their cue sticks to avoid any miscues. The players can also use their own chalk but the color has to be compatible with the cloth of the pool table.

#2 Cue sticks

The players are permitted to switch between their own cue-sticks between breaks in the match. Also, extenders can also be used to increase the length of the cue sticks.

#3 Mechanical bridges

Players can use their own mechanical bridges as long as it follows the standards set. Players can use about two mechanical bridges in order to support the cue sticks while the configuration of these bridges can be set according to the players.

#4 Gloves and Powder

The players can use gloves to increase the grip and also use powder while playing.

#7 Overall

These are some of the basic rules players need to be familiar with, before playing a pool table. However, there are many other additional rules apart from these standard set of rules. Check out the video below for more explanation.

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